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    If you were a clog,
    you would not want to wake up and see this.
    Drain Force Professional™ Drain Opener Products







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    Sulfuric Acid Drain Opener
    For professionally trained users only.
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    Removes organic obstructions

    Fast and agressive results

    Intended for critical & emergency response

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    Alkaline Drain Opener
    Dissolves grease, hair and lint.
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    Powerful drain opening

    Use when acid not needed

    Intended for heavy-duty applications

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    Bio (Microbial) Drain Opener
    The green solution for preventive maintenance.
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    7 strain microbial liquid

    Bio-degradable product

    Intended for ongoing preventive maintenance

Complete solution.

We've got the solution for your drain maintenance problems. When used safely and properly, our suite of drain opener products provides effective results for complete clogs, slow running drains, odor problems and long-term preventive maintenance.


Drain Force Professional™ drain opener products are based on industry standard chemical applications to keep your drains open 24 x 7. These are quality, dependable drain cleaning products intended for use only by professionally trained maintenance personnel.

Serious about safety.

We take safety and quality seriously and instruct our customers and end users to be safe at all times. We provide GHS compliant packaging, MSDS, an external safety sleeve for our sulfuric acid drain opener product, and heavy duty U.N. approved packaging for shipping.


Professional Grade Products

  • A lot of people say it, we mean it.

    We sell our products only to qualified distributors / dealers for commercial, industrial and institutional use in plumbing, janitorial and sanitation. Our mission is to help facility managers and maintenance professionals reduce costs and improve quality by providing effective drain opener solutions.

  • Safety first.

    The Drain Force Professional team takes quality and safety seriously and is at the forefront of what we do, from sourcing materials, to packaging and delivery. Our philosophy is that safety is a critical element in every step of the life cycle of our products, particularly the safe handling and use of our acid and alkaline based products. Be safe always.

From emergency clog to ongoing (green) preventive maintenance,
we've got the solution.

Drain Force Professional™ drain opener products provide a total solution for keeping drains open 24 x 7. Our fast acting and agressive sulfuric acid drain opener is for use only by professionally trained personnel. It will dissolve most organic clogs quickly to get pipes flowing again. Our alkaline drain opener is specifically for grease, hair and lint and delivers a less agressive, caustic chemical into the pipes to dissolve clogs. For a green alternative we offer a 7-strain, bio microbial liquid that is designed for dosing into drain systems on a regular basis in order to remove odors and prevent build-up of organic obstructions.

Drain Force Professional™ Product Suite